I and everyone at Quadcode believe that all people can (and should!) use quality, safe, and simple software to manage their money online. We are proud to be pioneering fintech since its infancy and creating solutions that are used by tens of millions of people and copied by other industry players.

Our first brainchild — the Options and CFD trading platform — has pushed us to the fintech premier league, and is our main focus to this day. Now we experiment with other types of financial solutions and have solid success. Quadcode is where industry-unique products are born: fast, secure, alluring, and most importantly, simplistic and comprehensible for any individual.

Our development expertise is unparalleled and we believe we can bring it to the table for businesses, financial institutions, and anyone who needs a quality product: be it a trading platform or a banking app.

To turn our vision into reality, we rely on efficient and passionate people, set ambitious yet achievable goals, prioritize our users’ best interests, and constantly innovate. These mottoes unfailingly drive our ventures to success — and hopefully help us leverage financial freedom for a better society.

Let’s team up for that!

Sergei Dobrovolskii

Quadcode Founder, Chairman