B2B custom brokerage software

Quadcode's solution contains a range of products and services to provide the ultimate brokerage solution. Whether you are a bank or a brokerage company, Quadcode provides solutions for every need.

Why Quadcode Brokerage?

White label

Our services and products —
implemented by your brand



Quick, stress-free setup



A true all-in-one solution —
ready to go when you are

New era of trading platforms
The trading terminal revolutionized trading, but the fast-paced nature of the industry means that technology has once again advanced significantly. Today, a trading platform is not just a set of tools for performing operations — it is a fully-equipped technical environment where it is possible to complete multiple market transactions in just a few clicks. What’s more, a new era platform includes much more than trading solutions — it streamlines interactions between trader and terminal, with vastly increased stability and transaction speed.
SaaS for a quick launch
and smooth flight
Our platform is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that allows us to achieve guaranteed reliability, security, and speed of service. We handle all of the setup and ongoing maintenance remotely at our own facilities, so you don’t have to. The ultimate stress-free solution.


Rock-solid technology that allows
you to launch your brokerage
quickly and effortlessly



Uniquely customizable business model
with the capacity to add new modules
and tools for more profit


Cutting Edge

Seamless updates bring you
the latest software developments
and innovations



Specific protocols and real-time monitoring with guaranteed data security

Multitool trading environment
The platform meets all the requirements of our traders' needs and skill levels by including a wide range of instruments and tools from options and CFDs to Forex and commodities.
Desktop, web or app
Fast and reliable operation across all platforms, devices, and operating systems. From your desk or from the palm of your hand, a full trade room experience awaits you no matter wherever you are.
We deliver a solid set of brokerage tech
By hosting our own SaaS platform, we can ensure maximum stability, timely troubleshooting, and an extremely responsive user experience. Give your clients the potential to achieve maximum results using software that completely understands them.
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