Who we are

Quadcode is an international multi-brand product company majoring in fintech. We run 9 projects in investment, banking and SaaS, each one being a think tank for industry-unique products: the next-gen trading platform, neobanking, proprietary trading and education, and more.

Our clients are brokerage companies and financial institutions looking for pitch-perfect, out-of-the-box fintech solutions.


6 international awards

Recognized for technical sophistication and customer satisfaction


9 years in business

We’ve been pioneers, innovators, and future-makers since 2013


50+ million users

From Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East

Our vision
We consider a product done when it’s better than anything we’ve ever seen. Diligence sits at the heart of everything we do: from idea and prototype to testing and launch. This allows us to create value for all stakeholders while staying true to our goal — creating fintech solutions to look up to.
Quadcode mindfulness

We like things to be fair. A high-tech business should not only care about its profits but also give back to the community and the environment.

We always pursued inclusiveness by creating jobs, delivering useful products, and financially empowering and educating people of all backgrounds. As an international company with a global presence, we have committed to social accountability before our shareholders and public through sustainability and community welfare.